Dear Students, First of all, I am very much thankful to you for showing interest in IICE. In the fast changing global economic environment, IICE has also changed its programs and activities as per the changes in the global perspective. Global boundaries are vanishing; It merges people of diverse cultures, age groups and nationally.

Education is a bridge which connects the world. Distance Learning opens new opportunities to the student who has lack of time and wants to obtain higher education without the constraints of location and time. IICE considered as a best distance learning institution in Udaipur. IICE offers a platform to enhance your life and career through the quality education in a highly competitive and healthy environment with the best infrastructure. IICE provides placement opportunities to its graduates from a variety of reputed organisation covering a diverse range of fields. We firmly believe in doing things. Our aim is to aware students to utilise their capabilities.

IICE has completed its two decades to (or “intending to”) impact and introduce IT and Management Training. The primary goal was to train those needy students of the society who cannot afford hefty fees due to the financial issues. Today we are near to our landmark and has become one of the best Institution in India. Workshops and Seminars are organised for all the students of IICE who are enrolled in various courses. During these Seminars and workshops, students remove their doubts and problems if they might have related to the particular subject.

IICE time-tested formula of success is percolating to students from all parts of India. Earning the absolute trust of our students is our primary aim. Our promise is to build the self-confidence that enables us to act determinedly and smartly. Our experiences give our students access to an exceptional depth of knowledge. We understand that each of our engagement is unique, yet our experience enables us to discover quickly.

We place priority on quality work, empowering our students to act in a straightforward and smart manner. Our lecturers work collaboratively with our students to untangle the complexities of each situation, shedding away the layers to uncover opportunities that will lead to a satisfactory resolution.

If you take advantage of what we are offering, you will build a strong beam which will help you to get success in your life. That level will be strengthened through the addition of our experience, culture and knowledge, mentors, components that you will get at IICE. It helps you to visualise the ways to lift the world.

Your positive energy with our support system will make us flourishing in our mutual goals. Like our past students have been doing since last so many years. I wish all students a very successful academic year ahead. Your aspiration in our inspiration and your destination is our reputation. We are excited to see you succeed. Once again, I am thankful to all the students and parents for their confidence in the IICE.

Best wishes for your bright future.

Prof. Ashok Jetawat

PhD. , M.Tech, MBA, MCA, SCJP, MCP

IGCBP, Geneva(Switzerland)