IICE College is one of the Institute which can boast of its computing resources and network across the campus. It is one of the most hi-tech campuses in Udaipur. The campus has IT Infrastructure that can support many computer terminals. Following are a few highlighting features:

  • Dedicated Computer Lab for training and development of students
  • Completely Wi-Fi Campus with different access point
  • Online and Credit Card Payment accepted
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty(Sun certified instructors)
  • Latest journals available for growth and development of students
  • Regular workshops and Seminars are conducted
  • Free Internet browsing for students and staff
  • Special classes on communicative skills
  • Free study material provided to the students from the Sikkim Manipal University for their courses
  • 24 hrs Power backup of online uninterrupted power supply(UPS)
  • An online portal run by the college to cater to technological needs of the college.
  • Quality lectures through Satellite VSAT Studies from Banglore and Mumbai.
  • IICE has very rich library which is well stocked with the latest editions of reference books, magazines, journals, newsletters, newspapers.
  • There is a separate section for reference books and the reading hall where a student can study and prepare their notes.
  • IICE has always kept pace with the advancement in technology, the digital classrooms and such facilities have been installed as tools of education and learning methods using projectors.
  • The audiovisual classrooms/boards have been suitably connected in seminar and conference halls for the power point presentations and such activities.
  • The educators are rigorously trained to use most innovative learning techniques during classroom and such academic sessions.
  • Free Regular classes are arranged for IT and Management Courses(as per student’s convenience)

To provide the students with a safe and congenial environment, the College ensures:

  • Drug-free, alcohol-free, smoke-free and ragging free environment.
  • Digital/Smart Classrooms – The classrooms are equipped with multimedia components designed. It enhances instruction & learning. Digital Classrooms facilitates the straightforward and interactive environment between student and teacher. The new media classrooms provide a very special learning environment, LCD projectors, laptops, VSAT are available.

All these facilities enable the faculty to teach in a unique and innovative manner which makes the students feel involved in the teaching-learning process and improves the step and quality of education.